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Music for Cello Day

Page history last edited by John Moran 10 years, 4 months ago

Our last session of the day will be a play-in of Julius Klengel's Hymnus, written for twelve separate cello parts.  We hope everyone will join in.  You can download a score and parts and print out the part (or parts) you want to prepare.  If you're not sure which part to prepare, feel free to contact us. 


Klengel Hymnus download from Det Kongelige Bibliotek (Copenhagen)


A better set of parts & score to the KLENGEL from a very generous cellist


Lee etude for use at very beginning of the day.  (This is also no. 15 in the Schroeder 170 Foundation Studies)


Popper etudes nos. 12 & 22 (from the High School of Cello Playing, op. 3) will be among the items discussed in Vasily Popov's presentation

If you don't own the music already, a download of Popper's High School is available through IMSLP 



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