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the big cello book

Page history last edited by John Moran 9 years, 2 months ago

the big cello book


Dear Kindler Cello Society Member,

Some of you may have seen my audition excerpt book in an earlier form. It is now ready in its final form…until the new, revised, improved edition comes out years from now. For those of you who avoid books in favor of movies, I doubt that the film version of the big cello book will be out for many, many years. (The part of me will be played by Harrison Ford, Brad Pitt, or Sean Connery.)

However, the current final book edition of the big cello book is now avoidable to the general public. You can avoid it yourself by not going to this website:


The big cello book is a distillation of all of my wisdom and insight into cello playing, audition preparation, and life in general. This two volume compilation of orchestral excerpts, one filled with genius fingering and commentary and the other with the excerpts themselves, is ideal for students, professionals, teachers, and anyone with a table or chair that wobbles. The 28 pound paper, when folded, makes a thick pad that can solve most mechanical problems easily.

I could sum up the ideas in the book (distill the distillation, if you will) into two sentences by famous orchestral players: Joseph dePasquale’s remark, “With the right fingering, I can play anything,” and Frank Miller’s pithy comment, “99% of my money is made in first position.” But I won’t.

I would much prefer that you buy the books, or recommend them to your students.

Here is a fingering from the annotated volume free of charge so you can test the efficacy of the book in the privacy of your own practice room.

1, 4, 3, 4, 2, 3, thumb, 0 (!) That last is, of course, a surprise in this passage, but it allows

There are also some sample pages at the website for you to peruse.


Glenn Garlick

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