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Music for Cello Day 2013

Page history last edited by John Moran 7 years, 2 months ago

Those who plan to take part in the morning session on continuo playing are invited to bring their own music to the Vivaldi cello sonatas. We will ask for volunteers to play movements of their choice from the Vivaldi sonatas. You do not need to play, or to bring music, to attend this session, but if you do have the Vivaldi cello sonatas and want to play, bring your music.


Our afternoon session with Janet Frank will be a mock sectional, preparing two of the great four-cello excerpts from the orchestral literature: Debussy's La Mer and Tchaikovsky's 1812 Overture. Below are links to marked and unmarked parts. We will use the bowings in the marked versions, but the PDFs are a little dark, so you might opt to download the clean versions and transfer the bowings from the marked versions. For maximum fun, download and prepare these.


  • Tchaikovsky: opening to the 1812 Overture: marked and clean
  • Debussy: cello divisi excerpt from La Mer: marked and clean 


Our last session of the day will be a Cello Choir play-in.  We hope everyone will join in.  You can download parts, and scores, if you like. Please print out the parts you want to prepare.  If you're not sure which part to prepare, feel free to contact us. 




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