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CELLOSPEAK: 7th annual Cello Workshop fo Adults

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July 22-27, 2007

Orkney Springs, Virginia

Come join us for an inspiring and enriching week of concentrated cello instruction and ensemble playing for adult cellists of all levels and all walks of life who share a love of the instrument. The week includes lessons with professional faculty; daily coached quartets; group technique sessions; special faculty topics; performances by faculty and participants; and participation in the renowned Cello Choir. Faculty has included: Steven Framil, Tanya Anisimova, Gary Fitzgerald, Doug Wolters, Robert Battey, Robert Park, Rodney Farrar, Kris Gilbert, Miron Yampolsky, Virginia Gardener, and many others. Director is Dorothy Amarondos. Please enter website for details and registration at www.cellospeak.com

CELLOSPEAK: 7th annual Cello Workshop fo Adults

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