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Lynn Harrell Recital Review

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Review by Julie Fitzpatrick posted by Bob Park on 4/6/2008


Lynn Harrell Recital at the Library of Congress on 4/2/2008

. . . I had the best seat in the house! 3rd row in the center of the hall.


J.S. Bach Suite 4 started out the program and it really needed a little more rehearsal time - as strange as this may seem but my impression was that the performance was a step above sight reading. The good thing is that the performance only got better - much much much better. Mr. Harrell made Schubert's Arpeggione Sonta look easy and the playfullness of the Suite Italienne (Stravinsky/Patigorsky) was delightful. The evening was topped off with so many lush encores I lost count. I could have stayed all night listening to the delightful short pieces - they were a magnificant dessert to a fine meal. Next time I just hope for an improved appetizer.

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